Experienced Car & Vehicle Engine Bay Cleaning & Detailing in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

Ready to pop the hood and reveal a masterpiece? Lush Auto Spa is not only about making your car shiny on the outside – we dig deep and expose the hidden beauty within your engine bay!

Why Engine Bay Detailing? It’s More Than Just Clean!

Think of it as the heart of your car. In addition to aesthetics, it also deserves some tender loving care for better performance! Here is why:

  • Dust, dirt, and grime accumulation can affect engine performance. Our detailers eradicate these enemies and leave your engine bay gleaming.
  • A clean engine bay makes it easier to notice potential leaks or issues before they become significant problems.
  • A clean, well-maintained engine bay actually improves airflow and engine cooling—happy driver, happy motor!
  • Admit it! Popping open the hood to reveal a pure engine bay is exceptionally satisfying.

The Lush Auto Spa Engine Bay Detailing Experience

We do not just spray and wipe – we spoil your engine compartment with our spa day! This is what you should wait for:

  • We use eco-friendly washing solutions that are safe for the environment and your vehicle’s powerplant.
  • Our professionals will meticulously scrub away every inch of grime, including tight spaces that others would hardly reach.
  • Thanks to our efforts, stubborn oil and grease build-ups will be gone, leaving your automobile looking brand-new.
  • Essential parts are dressed with protectants that keep them looking bright and working at their best possible rates.

Ready to Reveal the Power Within?

Do not let your dirty engine bay hold your vehicle hostage anymore! Call Lush Auto Spa today for a free quote on our car engine bay detailing services. Give your engine some love, and we will return the favor by making it look (and run) great!




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