Expert Pet Removal Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

Do you love your furry friend but despise the lasting legacy of their fur in your car? There is a solution. Pet hair can be stubborn, sticking to carpets, seats, and air vents. But don’t worry, pet owners! Our skilled detailers are here to chase away the furry beasts and create a clean interior of the car where there is no hair.

Our Comprehensive Car Pet Hair Removal Services

  • Our pet hair removal service is a comprehensive approach that tackles fur in every nook and cranny. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Careful Vacuuming: It all begins with a firm yet gentle vacuuming process that takes out loose fur from floor mats, carpets, seats, and even the trunk. To eliminate each piece of fur, our special attachments are designed to reach into cracks and under seats.
    • Detailed Seat Cleaning: Pet hair loves nesting in seats. Our detailers use pet-safe upholstery cleaners, lint rollers, and detailing brushes to dislodge and remove fur from fabric or leather seats.
    • Steam Cleaning Power: Sometimes, pet hair gets implanted deep inside the carpeting or upholstery. This is when we perform steam cleaning. This technique helps loosen dirt and fur, making it easy to extract without damaging your car’s interiors.
    • Air Vent Attention: Do not ignore those irritating air vents! We have specialized tools for blowing off furs hidden within these vent systems, ensuring fresh air without furs passing through your vehicle.

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Our service for removing pet hair goes beyond concentrating only on fur. We know that pets bring along dirt and allergens like dander, among other things. In addition to being free from animal hair on its insides, Lush Auto Spa’s cleaning process makes your car’s inside parts germ-free and sweet-smelling.




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