All car owners agree that nothing is more frustrating the finding light scratches on your car’s ceramic coating. Whether it’s a common occurrence or not, removing them is a must. Now there are two ways to handle this, DIY or professional. Both sides have their benefits and conveniences, while one side requires the know-how. Here is how to remove light scratches from the ceramic coating of your car.

Do-It-Yourself Option

There are several things to keep in mind and prepare before handling the task at hand. Such as not using any harsh abrasives, which can ruin the coating entirely. Here is how you can do it yourself;

Start by collecting necessary materials—such as boost spray with SiO2 base, microfiber applicator pad, and microfiber towel. These are essential items to start your project. Prepare the surface that needs restoring, carefully washing and drying it. During the polishing process, there is a small chance that contaminants can ruin your scratches even further.

Now that you’re gathered and prepared, start by applying a bit of ceramic boost spray on the applicator pad and buff the area with the scratch. Use gentle pressure, additionally, make sure you are working in a cool and ventilated space. Finally, use the microfiber cloth to wipe left over spray and then inspect the area to make everything pristine.


You have to buy the necessary material for the project, especially if you haven’t done it before. Furthermore, you have to take time out of your daily routine or do it on weekends. Time and money are factors that might deter many from choosing DIY options.

Professional Option

Your first thought might be to take your car to a professional. They can handle the delicate task without causing further damage to the coating. Moreover, they can offer additional offers such as guarantees on their work or ceramic top-up to strengthen your car’s protection. Since your know-how doesn’t affect the quality of their service, here are the benefits of using a professional service.

Expert Assessment

A detailer inspects your car and its coating before starting work. This involves determining the depth and the possibility of buffing without damaging the coating.

Easy Decontamination

Unlike you, they have the proper solution and formula to properly decontaminate the surface. These can be specialized clay bars or gentle polishing compounds.

Efficient Polishing

With years of experience, professionals are quick at their job. Furthermore, they have access to tools and machinery with varying degrees of abrasiveness to remove the scratch without damaging the ceramic layer further.

Ceramic Top-Up

This is an optional service after the successful scratch removal. Your detailer applies ceramic top-up to reinforce the coating’s hydrophobic properties and glossy finish

Final Touches

Once they are done with ceramic scratches, detailers clean and buff the entire car, leaving behind a flawless, scratch-free finish protected by the ceramic coating.

Hire the Pros at Lush Auto Spa

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