Clay Bar Treatment Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

Has your car’s once-shiny paint started to feel rough? Can’t seem to remove the dullness even after washing it several times? The reason could be tiny invisible elements below-surface – contaminants that cause your car’s appearance to dim. Do not worry! Lush Auto Spa has the word of power: car clay bar treatment!

Clay Bar Treatment is a Game-Changer for Your Car

Do not let that name mislead you. A clay bar treatment significantly impacts your vehicle’s appearance. Here is why:

  • That rough feeling? It’s what happens when paint gets clogged up with grime, brake dust, and pollutants. This clay bar is a magnet gently pulling these particles away, leaving your paint silky and smooth.
  • Once those little enemies are out of sight, your car can begin to regain its true shine! The clay bar treatment prepares your paint for polishing, bringing back the original brilliance.
  • A smooth, free-from-contaminant surface means enhanced protection of your car’s paint. Wax and other treatments will adhere better, lasting longer while keeping your car looking great.

Deep Clean Preparation for Removing Impurities

  • We wash & dry every part of your vehicle meticulously so there won’t be any impurities before starting the magic done by this piece of drying agent.
  • Our detailers use special clay lube and a light touch to ensure the clay removes contaminants without scratching your paint.
  • You will feel those small enemies on your clay bar. This is a perfect sign to remember how this transformation began!
  • There it is! We shall reveal to you your car’s paintwork, smooth, polished, and ready to mirror everything around it.

Ready to Rediscover Your Car’s Hidden Shine?

Do not let your vehicle’s dullness hold it back! Let it enjoy the miraculous effect of casting Lush Auto Spa clay bar treatment. Contact us today, and let’s restore that original look in the showroom.




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