Top-notch Paint Correction Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

Does the paint of your car that used to shine very well look dull or impaired by scratches and swirls? Our professional car paint correction services at Lush Auto Spa can bring back its pristine shine.

What is Paint Correction?

For your car to regain its original luster and depth of color, paint correction is a multi-step process that removes imperfections from the paintwork. We have expertise in using various polishing techniques and products as follows:

  • Swirls and scratches resulting from washing, drying, or improper cleaning
  • Water spots and mineral deposits etching
  • Sun exposure oxidation and fading
  • Light to moderate scratches and blemishes

Reasons for Choosing Lush Auto Spa:

We are careful about how we make our painting corrections to ensure that they are harmless to your vehicle. What makes us different includes the following:

  • Expert Consultation: We will assess the state of your car’s paint and recommend the most appropriate correction level.
  • Advanced Techniques: Our detailers use different types of polishes and machines to eliminate defects without causing any damage.
  • Paint Preservation: Protecting the clear coat of your vehicle during corrections is one of our top priorities.
  • Flawless Finish: Your car’s paint will look smooth and glossy, having its former glory restored.

What We Can Offer You:

Several packages for paint correction are offered at Lush Auto Spa, depending on customer needs and budgets. We may go for light swirl removal with gloss enhancement or attack deeper scratches/burns/marring.

Ready to Rediscover Your Car’s Shine?

For more information about our car painting services, please contact us today. You will get all the responses you need alongside a free quote. As such, let us help you recapture that gorgeous sight!




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