Iron Decontamination Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

Does your car appear a little, uh, rusty? Do tiny red specks negatively affect your once-shiny paintwork? The culprit could be tiny iron particles – brake dust and debris residue. The car iron decontamination service provided by Lush Auto Spa offers you the protection needed to fight these iron intruders.

Smoother Finish, Longer Shine

Don’t let the science name scare you – iron decontamination is a simple process with amazing results:

  • Those little red dots? They are iron particles that can get lodged into the surface of your car paint. They can get rusty and harm the furniture’s surface if not treated.
  • The iron decontamination solution works like a charm, dissolving these iron particles and causing the solution to turn purple (it’s like a car care chemical reaction!).
  • Iron decontamination entails eliminating iron contaminants before they rust and damage your car’s paint.
  • Iron-free paint prepares your car’s surface better for wax and other treatments since they stick better to smooth surfaces, reducing the dirt build-up that dulls your car.

The Lush Auto Spa Iron Decontamination Experience

Our iron decontamination service isn’t just about a fantastic reaction – it’s about meticulous care:

  • We thoroughly wash your car to remove loose dirt and debris, allowing the iron decontamination solution to work its magic more effectively.
  • Watch in awe as the iron decontamination solution turns purple, indicating it’s dissolving those pesky iron invaders.
  • Our detailers ensure the solution works its magic without harming your car’s paint.
  • After a thorough rinse and dry, your car’s paint will be free of iron particles, ready for further detailing or a fresh coat of wax.

Ready to Banish the Rust Threat?

Don’t let rust ruin your ride! Let Lush Auto Spa’s iron decontamination service work its magic. Contact us today for a quote at no charge, and watch us give you a new look at the paintwork on your car!




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