Protect Your Car Paint with Professional Paint Sealant Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

Does the relentless sunshine leave your car’s paint looking like an old photograph? Lush Auto Spa offers a local solution with its premier car paint sealant service near Markham, ON. In other words, we do not offer you the usual waxing but a long-term coating that will make your vehicle look bright despite the brutal heat.

Repel Everyday Grime for Easier Washing

  • Scorching Sun: UV radiations from the sun prey on car paints. Our sealant serves as sunscreen, blocking harmful rays to prevent fading.
  • Dust Storms: For one thing, these dust devils can scratch and dull your paint job. Dust particles stick less to sealed surfaces, making dust removal easier and reducing damage.
  • Salty Sea Air: Are you living near the coast? Your car’s paint is easily corrupted by salty air. A sealant neutralizes this invisible danger to your car’s appearance.
  • Everyday Grime: Bird droppings, sap, pollution – all harm the paint. Therefore, it repels such contaminants, reducing the required washing and drying efforts.

Deep Cleaning for Maximum Sealant Bond

  • Deep cleanse – We wash your vehicle surface painstakingly to ensure proper sealant bonding.
  • Expert application—Our detailers are highly trained to use only long-lasting, high-quality products that are applied evenly and precisely to surfaces.
  • Water beading charm: It makes washing or drying easy when water beads up on top of this coating
  • Dazzling shine – Freshly sealed cars have a shinier, glossier look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Car Paint Sealant Service at Lush Auto Spa

Car paint sealant service at Lush Auto Spa offers superior protection and a lasting radiant shine. This investment spares you from repeat waxing sessions and allows your car to look perfect even under the hot sun.

Protect Your Investment Today!

For a free quote regarding our car paint sealant service, call Lush Auto Spa now. We can protect the beauty of your vehicle and keep it shining all through.




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