Convenient Residential Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

You get up one morning with sun rays getting through the curtains and a gentle wind blowing outside. That’s not all! On your driveway lies your car, reflecting the sun’s golden light. Not just any car but a shining piece of art that has received special treatment from Lush Auto Spa’s residential mobile detailing.

Spas Over Salons – Your Car Deserves It!

  • There will be no more driving to and from the detail shop, wasting valuable time. Our experts will work on your vehicle as you relax in familiar surroundings.
  • You can schedule your vehicle for details at any time of day, even when checking emails or grilling at backyard BBQs. We fit perfectly into every aspect of your everyday life.
  • Our front yard has become a mobile salon, while others park their cars there. Whether on a quiet suburban road or an expansive oceanfront estate, we deliver five-star care within reach from home.
  • As with our in-shop services, our mobile detailing is no different. With meticulousness and high-end equipment, you’ll get the perfect finishing touches using eco-friendly products and ultra-modern techniques without leaving your doorstep.

The Sensory Spa Treatment for Your Car

  • Our silent hum sings soothingly while we meticulously clean every inch of your car.
  • Watch the transformation unfold right in front of you. The car will shed off the layers of grime, unveiling its true beauty with every movement.
  • Our car care products are high quality and have pleasant smells that delight your vehicle, just like a luxury spa treatment.

Are You Ready to Experience the Lush Difference?

Stop being bothered by a simple car wash anymore, for it was too hard to do so. If you contact us immediately, we will provide you with all relevant information about our mobile auto detailing services, which could transform your automobile into a shining masterpiece within the comfort of your driveway.




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