Commercial Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

When you look at your business, the first impression matters. If you can imagine a fleet of clean, shining, and polished vehicles that become rolling ambassadors for your company on the streets, then this is Lush Auto Spa’s commercial mobile detailing service. We offer on-site spa treatment for fleets as experts in fleet mobile detailing services.

A Strategic Business Investment Beyond Just Wash and Wax

  • Time and Money: You save time and money while waiting. You may continue generating revenue while on the road with minimal interruption of other operations.
  • Convenience Over Everything Else: Whether you want to schedule detailing in your busy dealership, full parking lot, or designated service area, this option remains open to choice. You decide when and where.
  • One Fleet, One Brand: We have professional detailers who will ensure that every vehicle in your fleet receives a quality finish. These vehicles will be treated as one unit, making communication about your brand more effective.
  • Higher Resale Value: Regular cleaning of interiors and exteriors maintains the paintwork, making them worth more money when selling old ones for an upgrade.

Get the Minimal Disruption, Maximum Impact

  • Well-Performed Work: Our team comes prepared to work fastidiously yet rapidly to move phase by phase through each vehicle in your setup.
  • Minimal Disruption but Maximum Results–As Much as you can accommodate your schedule, we’ll ensure we do it without disturbing your regular work.
  • Full Disclosure: We are upfront with you about the whole process to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Want a Gleaming Fleet?

Do not have a fleet that reflects poorly on your company. Call Lush Auto Spa today for a free quote, and let us transform your cars into mobile brand ambassadors showcasing your company’s excellent dedication.




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