Premium Paint Protection Film Services in Toronto, ON and Nearby Areas

When it comes to your car, you want it always to look its best because it is an investment. Lush Auto Spa has a state-of-the-art solution – Paint Protection Film (PPF). It is an invisible layer that protects your paint from everyday wear and tear.

Sun’s Out, Avoid Foreseen Fading

  • Road Debris: Flying pebbles, rocks, and road salt can cause scratches and chips on your car’s body. PPF is a first line of defense to prevent scratches on the car floor, taking impacts instead of damaging the coat.
  • Swirls and Scratches: Accidental contact with shopping carts, rogue car doors, or overzealous car washes can leave unattractive marks behind. PPF protects your vehicle from these daily inconveniences.
  • Harsh Sun Exposure: The continuous sun rays we experience daily cause paints to fade and lead to oxidation. This PP film also contains UV inhibitors, which shield your vehicle against harmful radiation, thus retaining its original color and gloss.
  • Chemical Stains: Droppings from birds, bug splatter, and harsh chemicals used in car washes can harm the paint on your automobile. Therefore, we apply a special coating that acts as a barrier, preventing stains and reducing maintenance costs.

Years of Worry-Free Protection Coming Ahead!

This is what sets us apart at the Lush Auto Spa when installing PPF:

  • Precision Cutting: We use computer-aided design technology to create custom-fitting films that adhere perfectly to every inch of your vehicle’s surface.
  • Expert Installation: Our certified technicians painstakingly apply this protective layer without leaving any bubbles or visible traces behind them.
  • Self-Healing Properties: Advanced PPF returns to its former state even after being scratched, which always makes it look clean.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: With properly cared-for PPF, you will never worry about your car’s beauty fading over the years.

Shield Your Investment Today!

Call Lush Auto Spa today for more details on our vehicle wraps Scarborough and PPF services free of charge. This way, we can provide natural protection against the weather elements.




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